Our development group is focused on useful freeware application with maximal sight on minimal size package which could be virtually available to free download. Our major objectives are full functionality and compatibility with minimal impact on necessary size of product. Every design decision is conform to these demands. Also we prefer often updated software, so that possible bugs could be fixed in relatively short time. On behalf of minimal size of distribution package our applications do not use any installator, so they must not be installed and or uninstalled. You can find also detailed description of our products, see below. Before you download package you should read freeware definition to understand what freeware means and what you are allowed to do with package you download. So, thank you for visit, for reading, download and use.
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This utility perform some benchmark on your optical drivers such as compact disc driver, digital versatile disc driver, etc, and log some useful informations. Results can be viewed then directly and as the log file in your favorite text viewer and or editor. Aplication is still under development, but main functions are already available.
This utility is suited for systems which contains too many unused files, created during system lifetime and now left behind. These data might be secret and hard to find and or there is not enough time and or experience to select useless of them. So this is good job for this utility, it is searching for data like these and if you agree then it remove them and free your disk space. Utility is smart and fast, find tens megabytes per few seconds, everything depends on your system, it means how many files do you have on your disk, how many devices do you have on your board etc, including overall hardware performance. This utility is often updated to keep minimal requirements and maximal performance.
This experimental software was created for some modification of operating system such as uninstalling some hardly accessible components and cleaning some other parts and everything under full control of user with chance to restore your original setup. For more details read manual packed with aplication in downloaded package. Aplication is still under development.
This software is freeware, can be downloaded and used free, but may not be distributed as commercial software and or as component of commercial software pack. Product is virus free and does not contains any form of malware such as trojan, spyware, virus, etc, and can not threaten both your hardware and software.
Dustbin version v1.56 15,657bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.47 19,203bytes, download
Sandwich version v0.78 31,063bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.46 19,600bytes, download
Dustbin version v1.53 15,982bytes, download
Dustbin version v1.52 15,958bytes, download
Dustbin version v1.51 15,960bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.45 20,769bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.43 20,556bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.42 20,609bytes, download
Sandwich version v0.77 31,077bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.39 20,896bytes, download
Sandwich version v0.76 31,116bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.37 19,586bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.36 19,555bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.34 20,696bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.33 20,660bytes, download
Sandwich version v0.72 32,015bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.27 20,598bytes, download
Cddoc version v0.26 19,900bytes, download

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